ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing

NOM B-203 SAE J412 Grade 1026 Carbon Steel Boiler Pipe supplier in India.

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing properties make them available for several general corrosive, temperature tolerant and pressure tolerant applications. The ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Boiler Pipes have 490MPa minimum tensile strength and 415MPa minimum yield strength. These pipes also come in cold drawn and hot rolled types. We are ASTM A519 pipe suppliers of diameters ranging from ¾ inches to 15 inches for cold drawn pipes and 2 inches to 30 inches for hot rolled pipes. The wall thickness of the cold rolled pipes ranges from 1/8 inches to 1 ½ inches and the hot rolled ones range from 1/8 inches to 8 inches.

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing Supplier

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing Supplier

ASTM A519 GR. 1026 Boiler Pipes

ASTM A519 GR. 1026 Boiler Pipes

The ASTM A519 seamless steel tubing is made for different applications such as oil and gas, petroleum, heater, condenser, boiler and other structural applications as well.  The ASTM A519 square tubing is made up of carbon, manganese, phosphorus and sulfur. The low carbon content makes the material and pipes highly weldable. The ASTM A519 Gr 4130 pipe doesn’t need to be preheated for welding. During welding, the formation of intergranular corrosion is less due to the less carbon content. This also makes it possible to avoid localized corrosion after welding.

The post weld heat treatment is not necessary but heat treatment in general can be applied to maximize the hardness of the pipes. The ASTM A519 Grade 1026 carbon steel mechanical tubing is available in different forms. There are plain end, beveled end, threaded end pipe types with different types of finishing available to minimize the corrosion risk.

Get ASTM A519 Grade 1026 carbon steel mechanical tubing in Single/ Double Random length.

ASTM A519 GR.1026 Seamless Carbon Steel Pipes Specification

: Manufacturer as per ASTM A519 / ASME SA519
Grade : 1026
Outer Diameter Supplier : 6.25-1800mm
Length : Single/ Double random length or as client's actual request
Schedule : 10 – XXS / Thk
Size : 12 3/4(323.8mm)
Shapes : Suppliers in Square, Round, Rectangular.

GR.1026 A519 Seamless Pipes Chemical Properties

Grade C Mn P≤ S≤
1026 0.22-0.28 0.60-0.90 0.040 0.050

ASME SA519 GR.1026 Pipes Mechanical Table

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength 490 MPa 71100 psi
Yield strength 415 MPa 60200 psi
Bulk modulus (typical for steel) 140 GPa 20300 ksi
Shear modulus (typical for steel) 80.0 GPa 11600 ksi
Elastic modulus 190-210 GPa 27557-30458 ksi
Poisson’s ratio 0.27-0.30 0.27-0.30
Elongation at break (In 50 mm) 15.00% 15.00%
Reduction of area 40.00% 40.00%
Hardness, Brinell 143 143
Hardness, Knoop (converted from Brinell hardness) 163 163
Hardness, Rockwell B (converted from Brinell hardness) 78 78
Hardness, Vickers (converted from Brinell hardness) 149 149
Machinability (based on AISI 1212 steel as 100 machinability.
The machinability of Group I bar, rod, and wire products can be improved by cold drawing.)
75 75

Manufacturer of ASTM A519 Square tubing in Mumbai, View SAE 1026 Gr 4130 Pipe Standard Dimensions.

Dimensions of ASTM A519 GR. 1026 Boiler Pipes

Kanak Metal & Alloys in India is an NOM B-203 SAE J412 Grade 1026 Carbon Steel Boiler Pipe suppliers of seamless, redrawn and welded tubing.

Outer Diameter Wall Thickness Length
Cold Drawn 3/4 to 15 Inch 1/8 to 1 1/2 Inch 12000 mm max
Hot Rolled 2  to 30 Inch 1/8 to 8 Inch 12000 mm max

Refer ASTM A512 Grade 1026 seamless steel tubing Tolerance, Purchase UNS Grade G10260 Pipe at low cost.

ASTM A512 Grade 1026 Tube Tolerances

Condition Minimal
in 2%
GRADE 1018
c .15/.20 Mn .60/90 P .40 max S .050 max
CD-Stress Relief Annealed 15 60,000 B-85 80,000 163
Hot-Rolled 30 35,000 B-68 60,000 116
Soft-Annealed 40 33,000 B-57 50,000 97
Normalized 35 38,000 B-66 58,000 114
As-Drawn 10 70,000 B-87 85,000 170

GRADE 1026
C .22/.28 Mn .60/.90 P .030 max S .050 max
Soft-Annealed 36,000 60,000 35 B-68 116
Hot-Rolled 47,000 70,000 28 B-77 137
CD-Stress Relief Annealed 65,000 82,000 15 B-86 167
Normalized 50,000 67,000 33 B-74 131
As-Drawn 72,000 87,000 10 B-89 179

GRADE 1020
C. 18/.23 Mn .30/.60 P .040 max S .050 max
As-Drawn 65,000 80,000 10 B-85 163
Hot-Rolled 38,000 60,000 30 B-68 116
Soft-Annealed 33,000 53,000 40 B-62 105
Normalized 40,000 58,000 35 B-66 114
CD-Stress Relief Annealed 60,000 75,000 15 B-81 149

ASTM A512 Equivalent Material

Supplier of Grade 1026 Seamless Tubing as per A510/ A512/ A29/ A830/ A568 standards.

ASTM A519 Grade 1026 DIN Grade 20Mn5 ASME SA 519 Grade 1026

ASTM A576 Grade 1026 Tubing Price List

Size ISMT make MSL Make JSL Make
1" 3,889.71 3,897.06 3,904.41
1/2" 4,257.35 4,264.71 4,272.06
1.25" 3,845.59 3,852.94 3,860.29
3/4" 4,036.76 4,044.12 4,051.47
1.5" 3,742.65 3,750.00 3,757.35

Supplier of ASTM A568 Grade 1026 dom tubing in India, Check availability of SAE J412 Grade 1026 Seamless Tube in rectangular/ round shapes.

Various types of ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing Supplier in India

AS 1443 Grade K1026 Tubing
AS 1443 Grade K1026 Tubing
ASTM A519 Grade 1026 4140 carbon steel mechanical tubing
ASTM A519 Grade 1026 4140 carbon steel mechanical tubing
ASTM A568 Grade 1026 Tube
ASTM A568 Grade 1026 Tube

UNS Grade G10260 Seamless Pipe
UNS Grade G10260 Seamless Pipe
SAE J403 Grade 1026 Tubing
SAE J403 Grade 1026 Tubing
Carbon steel pipe ASTM A519 Gr.1026,1030,1518, 1010 seamless round square pipe
Carbon steel pipe ASTM A519 Gr.1026,1030,1518, 1010 seamless round square pipe

In following Locations, you can buy our material at best price

AISI 1026 Seamless Steel Boiler Tube, 1.25 Inch, 2.76 MM Belgium, Noida, Mumbai, Indonesia, Dammam -KSA, Philippines
AS 1443 Grade K1026 Pipes Insulation, 10.53 Meters, 3/4 Inch, PE End Bengaluru, France, Sikandrabad, Qatar, Europe, Thailand
NOM B-203 Grade 1026 dom Tubing, 1 Inch OD, BWG 12 WT Germany, Chennai, Czechia, Thiruvananthapuram, Malaysia, Thailand
ASTM A512 Grade 1026 tubing, Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Bangladesh, USA, Pune, Finland, Malaysia, Surat
ASTM A29 Grade 1026 Seamless Finned Tube, 10M, BWG 11 Brazil, Kuwait, Ahmedabad, South Africa, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
ASTM A830 Grade 1026 Pipe, 24 Inch, 12M Agra, Bahrain, South Africa, Singapore, Kolkata
UNS Grade G10260 Steel tubing, OD 25-88 millimeter, WT 0.25-0.45 millimeter Nigeria, Hyderabad, France, Thane, Australia, UK, Philippines
U-Tube, ASTM A568 Grade 1026, 9000 mm, OD 16 mm, WT 1.2 mm Malaysia, Hong Kong, Oman, UAE, Patna, Ahmedabad
SAE J403 Grade 1026 tubing, ASME B36.10, 25.4 millimeter, PE Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Nashik, Nagpur, UK, Lucknow
ASTM A513 Grade 1026 dom tubing, 9.536 Meters, Plain Ends Chile, Bhopal, Singapore, Delhi, Visakhapatnam, Italy, Iran
ASTM A513 Grade 1026 Normalized Tubing, 12.7 X 6000 X 1.65 millimeter Coimbatore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Malaysia, Turkey, Norway
ASTM A519 Grade 1026 Dom Tubing, OD 19 - 76.2 mm Netherlands, Malaysia, Dubai, Dehradun, Russia, Kochi
NOM B-203 Grade 1026 Seamless Tube, 4.88M, 1 Inch, Beveled Ends Faridabad, Europe, Japan, Chandigarh, Malaysia, Romania
Cold Drawn Boiler Tubing, SAE J403 Grade 1026, 33 Feet, PE United Kingdom -UK, Malaysia, Indore, Europe, UAE
ASTM A29 Grade 1026 Boiler Tubing, Cold Drawn, PE UK, Navi Mumbai, Poland, Canada, Ellington -United States, Poland
ASTM A519 Type 1026 Seamless Tubing, OD 50.8 mm, WT 3.5 mm Philippines, Canada, Malaysia, Jaipur, Singapore, Ludhiana
ASTM-A519 hfs 1026 Tubing, THK 2.1mm, PE End 139.7mm Rajkot, Malaysia, Sweden, Colombia, Vadodara, China
Grade 1026 hf smls tubing - ASTM A519, OD 19.05MM, 4300MM Length, PE Bhuneshwar, Philippines, Malaysia, Los Alamos -Mexico, Taiwan
ASTM A519 grade 1026 Tube, 12.7 X 6000 X 1.65mm Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Gurgaon, NY 12203 (USA)