Carbon Steel Flanged Elbow

Cast Iron Double Flange Bend and ASTM A234 GR.WPB flanged 90 degree elbow manufacturer in India.

Kanak Metal & Alloys is a manufacturer, distributer and supplier of different metallic products. We supply stainless steel pipe fittings. There are different special types such as the flange bend. It is a combination of flanges with a bends. The Double flanged 90 degree bend would have 90 degree angular change and two flanges attached at the two ends of the bends. This kind of bending is used in machineries and automotive parts to seal the connection tight at the same timer directing the flow in a different direction.

Flange Bend Manufacturer

Flange Bend Manufacturer

Double flanged 90 degree bend

Double flanged 90 degree bend

The Puddle Flange Bend Dimensions vary according to the standards, outer diameter and the radius ratio of the bends. Kanak Metal & Alloys are leading manufacturer of weld bend flanges which are used to weld the bends with other parts through welding on the flanges attached. The Carbon Steel Flanged Elbow and Di Elbow Flanged Bend is an elbow type that could be used for high pressure piping like in the hydraulic systems.

We manufacturer of PN10 PN16 PN25 Ductile Iron Double Flange Bends/ Elbow which can be used under high corrosive, high pressure and high temperature services with great ductility. Our ISO2531 Ductile cast Iron double flanged bends is made according to the ISO standards and our pricing is very competitive. We offer our customers with different types of BS EN545 Loosing Ductile Iron Flange Bends and other materials. We encourage our customers to contact us for further details.

Manufacturer and supplier of MSS SP-75 GR.WPHY 52 Elbow flanged long radius 90o and 45 Degree in India.

Dimensional Chart of Double flanged 90 degree bend

Flanged 90 degree bend Dimensions

Dia. Nominal
Weight per kg
80 PN10/ 16 165 9.3
100 PN10/ 16 180 12
150 PN10/ 16 220 19
200 PN16 260 28
250 PN16 350 45
300 PN16 400 64
350 PN16 450 113

Best price of Ductile Iron Puddle Flanges, PED approved Stainless Steel Double flanged 90 degree bend manufacturer and exporter in India.

Specifications List of Weld Bend Flanges

Single Flange Bends Size : 80 mm - 1200 mm.

Diameter Nominal : DN80 - DN350.

Connection : Flanged.

PN : PN 10/ PN16

Thickness : 10.5 mm - 11mm

Materials : Manufacturer of Flanged Elbow in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Ductile Iron.

Elbow Flanged Bends Coating : Powder and Epoxy Coating

Wide Range of Thickness of Cast iron double flanged bend, We offer DI Elbow Flange in Powder and Epoxy Coating.

Applications of DI Elbow Flanged Bend

  •  Sewage
  •  Gas Industries
  •  Supplying Water
  •  Chemical Industries
  •  Pressure Pipe and Fittings

Stocking Distributor of Single/ Double exhaust flange bend, View BS EN 545 PN 10/16 Weld bending Standard Weights.

Single flange bend Weight Chart

Type/DN L (mm) Weight (kg)
DN80 380 13,8
DN100 400 18,0
DN150 450 30,0
DN200 500 45,5
DN250 550 65,0
DN300 600 89,5
DN350 650 121,0
DN400 700 157,0
DN450 750 208,0
DN500 800 252,0
DN600 900 420,0

Price Table of Ductile iron flanged bends

Purchase from the LTCS ASTM A420 WPL6 Flanged 90 Elbow Manufacturer at best discount.

Product Price
ISO2531/EN545 Double Flange Bend $1,200.00 - $1,600.00/ Ton
ISO2531 Ductile cast Iron double 90 degree elbow DI Flange bends $990.00 - $1,500.00/ Ton
ISO2531 di ductile cast iron pipe fittings double flanged 90 degree bend $550.00 - $790.00/ Ton

Most Selling types of Exhaust flange bend Manufacturer in India

Cement lining loosing flanged 45' bend
Cement lining loosing flanged 45' bend
Flange Bend 90 Degree
Flange Bend 90 Degree
Ductile iron 90 bend degree flange
Ductile iron 90 bend degree flange

Double Flanged Duckfoot Bend
Double Flanged Duckfoot Bend
Double flange reducer bend
Double flange reducer bend
Toilet flange closet bend
Toilet flange closet bend

Buy Ductile iron flanged bends Long Radius at cheap cost, Contact us for Queries related to Toilet Closet Flange 90 Degree Elbow.

Cast iron double flanged bend Radius Chart

Standard pipe Spec . Bauart 5 2,5D
DN Diameter [ØD] CLR CLR CLR
20 26,9 110   67
25 33,7 110   84
32 42,4 110   106
40 48,3 110   212
50 60,3 125   151
65 76,1   175 190
80 88,9   205 222
100 114,3   270 286
125 139,7   330 350
150 168,3   390 421
200 219,1   510  
250 273   650  
300 323,9   775  
350 355,6   850  
400 406,4   970  
500 508   1245  
Manufacturer of ASTM A234 Grade WP11 Elbow Flanged Long Radius 90o in various sizes.

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ANSI B16.49 90 Deg Flange Bend, MSS SP-75 WPHY-52, 36 Inch Qatar, Europe, France, Bengaluru, Thailand, Sikandrabad
Flange Bend Pipe Fittings Russia, Kochi, Dehradun, Dubai, Netherlands, Malaysia
11.90 MM, API 5L X60 Flange Bend, 36 Inch, 11.90 MM, ANSI B16.49 Vadodara, China, Colombia, Sweden, Malaysia, Rajkot
ASTM A106 Gr.B, Schedule 80, ANSI B16.9 Flange Bend Pipe, 6 Inch, BW Japan, Europe, Chandigarh, Romania, Malaysia, Faridabad
Sch 80, 4 Inch, ASTM A234 WPB Flange Bends, Black Coated Chennai, Malaysia, Thailand, Thiruvananthapuram, Czechia, Germany
ASTM A53 GR.B, ANSI B16.49 Flange Bends, SCH 60, 20 Inch, BW Ends Dammam -KSA, Belgium, Indonesia, Mumbai, Philippines, Noida
ASTM A860 WPHY 65 Flange Bends, 30 Inch, MSS SP 75 Pune, Bangladesh, Finland, Malaysia, USA, Surat
SCH 40, Black, A234 WPB Flange Bends, ANSI B16.49, 2032mm, 20 Inch Norway, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Coimbatore, Turkey, Malaysia
API5L X60 / A860 WPHY 60 Flange Pipe Bends, ASME B16.49 Europe, Indore, Malaysia, United Kingdom -UK, UAE
ANSI B16.49, API 5L GR.B Flange Bends, SCH 40, 10 Inch Egypt, Mexico, UK, Nashik, Lucknow, Spain, Nagpur
ANSI B16.49 Carbon Steel Flange Bends, 26 Inch, 30 Deg, ASTM A53 GR.B South Africa, Bahrain, Kolkata, Singapore, Agra
B16.49, API 5L X65 PSL2 Flange Bends, 45 DEG, 6 Inch, SCH XS Taiwan, Los Alamos -Mexico, Bhuneshwar, Malaysia, Philippines
6 Inch, SCH 80, 30 Degree Flange Pipe Bends, A106 Gr.B, ANSI B16.9 Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, NY 12203 (USA), Gurgaon
BW Ends, ANSI B16.9 Flange Bends, 24 Inch, Black Coating Navi Mumbai, Ellington -United States, UK, Canada, Poland
ANSI B16.49 Flange Hot Induction Seamless Bends, 90 Degree Philippines, Australia, Hyderabad, Nigeria, UK, France, Thane
16 Inch, ANSI B16.9 A312 TP304H Flange Bends, 90 Deg Malaysia, Oman, Hong Kong, UAE, Patna, Ahmedabad
90 Deg., Seamless Flange Bends, SS A403 WP304, Beveled Ends Taiwan, Malaysia, Los Alamos -Mexico, Bhuneshwar, Philippines
45D, 72 Inch, Flange Miter Bends, API 5L Gr. B, BW Italy, Iran, Delhi, Chile, Visakhapatnam, Singapore, Bhopal
WT 0.938 Inch, MSS SP WPHY52 Flange Bends, 36 Inch, MSS SP 75 South Africa, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Kuwait, Brazil, Ahmedabad
45 Degrees, ANSI B16.9, ASTM A106 Gr.B Flange Bends, SCH 80, 6 Inch Malaysia, Canada, Jaipur, Philippines, Singapore, Ludhiana

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Pune, Ahmedabad, Madhya Pradesh, Coimbator, Kolkata, Rajkot, Gujarat, Amravati, Chennai.